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eSEAL™ EPFOAM(Electrically Plated Foam Seal)

NYS-SEALOR E-coating conductive rubber is a high-performance composite product formed by non-conductive elastomer as the carrier and coated with conductive metal particles. The good elasticity of the internal non-conductive elastomer ensures the excellent toughness of the product, which is convenient for product assembly and can achieve environmental sealing at the same time to prevent water or other dust from entering the inside of the device. E-Coating conductive rubber combines the high shielding characteristics of the conductive layer with the advantages of the mechanical properties of non-conductive elastomers. It is a patented product of Leizdun Technology with independent intellectual property rights.

eSEAL™ EP(Electrically Plated Seal) gasket is a unique product of a non-conductive silicon foam core with its skin coated with conductive layer. This structure ensure a good elasticity of its core, which can achieve both environmental sealing and easily assembly, at the same time it will also offer excellent EMI shielding  properties for various applications. 

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Features and advantages

  • The elastic inner core has no metal fillers and has the most optimized compression and aging characteristics
  • The conductive layer material is evenly coated in the outer film and has excellent conductivity characteristics 
  • Through a special coating process, the conductivity and shielding are not reduced In the case of performance, the cost of precious metals is effectively saved.
  • Compared with the fully-filled elastomer, the attenuation performance under full compression is not reduced. 
  • Very low compression and deformation resistance. 
  • A variety of conductive layer materials are available

Selection Guide

characteristic unit standard test EP2511 conductive filler EP2511 core  EP2711 conductive coating EP2711 core 
material ingredient - - Ag/Cu Foam rubber Ag NC1010 foamed silicone rubber
thickness mm - 0.05 - 0.05 -
Electrical performance
Volume resistivity Ω·cm MIL-DTL-83528C 0.004 - 0.004 -
Shielding performance
500M dB MIL-DTL-83528C, Para. 4.5.12 100 - 100 -
2G dB 95 - 110 -
18G dB 90 - 110 -
Physical properties
hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 60 30 60 25
density g/cm³ ASTM D792 3 0.5 3 0.5
Tensile Strength psi ASTM D412 180 600 - 760
Elongation at break % ASTM D412 150 300 - 300
Tear strength PPI ASTM D624 30 60 - 78
Reliability test
Surface resistance/ 85RH&85℃ Ohm MIL-DTL-83528C 5 - 20 -
Surface resistance / heating and cooling cycle Ohm MIL-DTL-83528C 12.5 - 20 -
Compression set % ASTM D395-B 30 30 twenty four 12
Static pressure-pressure curve with φ0.7mm Solid O-tyoe Strip test
20% compression N/cm QA-WI-FIP-003 4 4
40% compression N/cm QA-WI-FIP-003 8 8
Operating temperature °C ASTM D1329 -55~+160 -55~+160


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