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GBT-ViaTHERM TFG4845 is a  two-component high performance, thermally conductive liquid gap filling materials. It cured either at room or elevated temperature. Prior to curing, it flows under pressure like grease. After cure, TFG4845 won't pump from the interface as a result of thermal cycling and is dry to the touch. The physical appearance is a soft, form-in-place elastomer ideal for interfacing fragile components with high topography and/or stack-up tolerances to a universal heat sink or housing. TFG4800 is not designed to be a structural adhesive, and will lightly adhere to surfaces, thus improving surface contact, create a low thermal resistance.
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Product Description
Product Features 
  • Thermal conductivity 4.80 W/m·K
  • Various types of thermal conductivity are available for selection and customization
  • Good liquidity, easy to operate
  • Suitable for room temperature and heating curing
  • Good electrical insulation, temperature and weather resistance
  • RoHS compatible
  • Consumer electronics, communication equipment
  • Printed circuit board assembly, housing connection
  • Automotive electronics
  • Military electronic equipment
Standard Packing 
  • 50cc, 400cc syringes
  • 40kg group: A component 20kg/barrel, B component 20kg/barrel
  • Customer-specific combination
Storage Condition
  • This product is non-toxic and non-dangerous. It is handled and transported as general chemicals and stored in a cool (room temperature) dry place. The shelf life is 6 months.
Operating Steps 
  • 1. Dispensing: the syringe and the mixing needle can be used to dispense the glue at the required position by using the glue dispenser or the glue gun; the barrel combination is according to the ratio of 1:1, and the component B is added to the component A and mixed evenly, and then Used in the design position by dispensing/painting/printing and other assembly methods;
  • 2. Curing: After the components are equipped, they are cured at room temperature or by heating. If the curing time is too long in winter, it is recommended to use heating curing method.

Characteristic Unit TFG4845
- - A component Component B
Colour - White Grey
The mixing ratio - 1:1
Viscosity cps 350,000
Viscosity After Mixing cps 350,000
Minimum Operating Thickness mm 0.05
Operating Time@25°C min 60
Curing Time (90%) min(@100℃) 20
h(@25℃) 8
    After Curing
Hardness Shore OO 45
Thermal Conductivity  W/m·K 4.8
Thermal Resistance @50psi °C·in²/W ≤0.04
Dielectric Strength (@1MM) kV ≥9
Volume Resistivity Ω·cm ≥1.0X1012
Density g/cm³ 3.1
Dielectric Constant @1MHz 8.5
Small molecule cyclosiloxane (D4-D20) ppm ≤30
CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) ppm/°C -
Flame Retardant Properties UL. 94 V-0
Operation Temperature °C -60~+200


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