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Scalable Automation Solutions


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The scalable/flexible production line is a technically complex, highly automated system which is a combination of electronic equipments, cloud computing, and systems engineering technologies, the contradiction between high automation and high flexibility/scalability demand in mechanical manufacturing has been solved ideally and satisfactorily.

The advantages are as follows:

1. High Equipment Utilization: A group of machine tools into the flexible production line, the output than this group of machine tools in the spread of single production times.

2. Reduce on-line redundant product by about 80% .

3. Relatively stable production capacity: the automatic processing system is made up of one or more machine tools, which have the ability to degrade in the event of failure, and the material transfer system has the ability to bypass the faulty machine tools on its own.

4. high quality products: Parts in the processing process, loading and unloading once completed, high processing accuracy, stable processing form.

5. Flexible Operation: Some flexible production line inspection, loading and maintenance work can be completed in the first shift, the second and third shifts can be in unattended normal production. In an ideal flexible production line, the monitoring system can also deal with unexpected problems such as tool wear and change, blocking and unblocking of material flow.

6. The product strain ability is big: the Cutter, the Jig and the material transportation device have the adjustability, and the system plane layout is reasonable, is convenient to increase or decrease the equipment, meets the market demand.


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