ViaTHERM™ TPC1502/03

ViaTHERM™ TPC 1500/03 series is a two part thermally conductive potting encapsulte material. It has both moisure and thermal curing versions. The mix ratio between A and B are 1:1 (upon weight). 

ViaTHERM™ TPC 1502/03 series is a two part thermally conductive potting encapsulte material. It has both moisure and thermal curing versions. The mix ratio between A and B are 1:1 (upon weight). 

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Product Features 

  • Good liquidity, easy to operate
  • Suitable for room temperature and heating curing
  • Good electrical insulation, temperature and weather resistance
  • Curing, no shrinkage, no heat generation
  • Wide temperature range (-50℃~200℃)
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, non-corrosive
  • RoHS compatible



  • power supply                
  • PCB                
  • vehicle electronics 


Option guide

Weighing: Weigh A and B components accurately, and mix them thoroughly at a ratio of 1:1 (mass). (Before weighing, separately stir the A and B components separately, so that the settled fillers are evenly dispersed in the glue, so as not to affect the colloidal performance);
Mixing: Use manual or machine to fully mix the rubber to make The rubber is uniform in color. When using manual glue filling process, pay attention to the amount of one-time glue not too much, so as not to reduce the fluidity in the later stage and make it difficult to fill the glue;
defoaming: put the evenly mixed glue in a vacuum cabinet to defoam, and use vacuum to remove the mixing process Entrained air;
potting: pour the debubbled rubber into the device to complete the potting operation (the surface of the device and the mixing container should be kept clean and dry before potting).
Curing: Curing the potted device at room temperature. The viscosity of the mixed colloid will gradually increase with time, so care should be taken to control the potting within the appropriate operating time.


Storage and transportation

This product is non-toxic and non-dangerous. It is handled and transported as general chemicals and stored in a cool (room temperature) dry place. The shelf life is 12 months.


Product configuration 

  • 40kg group: A component 20kg/drum, B component 20kg/drum.
  • 20kg group: A component 10kg/drum, B component 10kg/drum. 
characteristic unit TPC1502 TPC1503
- - A B A B
colour - grey White grey White
The mixing ratio - 1:1
Viscosity cps 6500 7500
Viscosity after mixing cps 6300 7500
Operating time min@25°C 60
Curing time (90%) min@100°C 20
h@25°C 8
After curing  
hardness Shore OO 50 55
Thermal Conductivity W/m·K 1.50 1.50
Dielectric strength kV(@1 mm) ≥12 ≥15
Volume resistivity Ω·cm ≥1.0X1013 ≥1.0X1013
density g/cm³ 2.25 2.25
Dielectric constant @1 MHz 4.5 4.5
Flammability rating UL 94 V-0 V-0
Continuous use temperature °C -50~+200 -50~+200
Linear CTE (via DMA) μm/m·K or ppm - -
RoHS safety regulations - Yes Yes


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