Thermal Adhesive Tape-Single Side
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Thermal Adhesive Tape-Single Side

TC heat-resistant thermally conductive double-sided tape-TCXXB10 pressure-sensitive thermally conductive tape can provide superior thermal conductivity, and is usually used between heating devices and heat sinks. This kind of thermally conductive material has good thermal conductivity, high breakdown voltage, and good adhesion. Loyalty. TC products are attached with centrifugal paper on one side and film on the other side, which greatly facilitates the operation and application of customers.

GoodBon's double-side or single-side thermally conductive tape-it is acylic based material providing both thermal conductivity and structure bonding functionality, used between heat-generating devices and heat sinks. 

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The product features

  • provide a faster, more reliable and cleaner adhesion method between the heat sink and the heating power device.
  • It is suitable for large heat exchange between heating components and heat sinks.
  • Suitable for bonding of different interfaces.

Application occasions

  • PCB assembly of heat sink that requires fasteners or screws.
  • The heat sink can be directly pasted to plastic packaging devices, metal or ceramic packaging devices, graphics accelerators, power converters, or motor controllers to realize the fixation of the heat sink to the PCB. 

Application Guide

  • Operating temperature is beween 20~27℃, keep clean and dry of bonding surface. 
  • To avoid further contamination, gloves should be worn. 
  • Make sure the tape can be properly pressed for a while with proper pressure during assembly, 
characteristic GTC-0150T10 GTC-0250T10 GTC-0500T10 GTC-0100T10 Test Methods
Substrate acrylic acid acrylic acid acrylic acid acrylic acid -
Thickness mm 0.15 0.25


1.0 BS3924
colour White White White White -
Tensile strength kg/cm 0.08 0.15 0.30 0.80 BS3924
Extension rate% 400 400


400 BS3924

Peeling force Kg/25mm 

30min RT

1.2 1.4 1.5 1.7 BS3924
Shear adhesion force Kg/cm 2 3.5 3.5 3.5 4.5 ASTMD-1002
Thermal conductivity W/m·K 0.5



1.0 DINV 54462
Breakdown voltage Kv 3.5 6.0 8.0 8.0 ASTMD-149
Working temperature °C -25~130 -25~130 -25~130 -25~130 -
Flammability rating V2 V0 V0 V0 UL 94
The protective layer Release paper/film paper Release paper/film paper Release paper/film paper Release paper/film paper -


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