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GoodBon® Thermal Filler Pad (Thermal Filler Pad) product series provide engineers with the most extensive product choice:

  • Regarding the K(thermal conductivity): the thermal conductivity of on-the-shielf products can reach up to 15w/mk; our R&D and design team also plans to launch product solutions with higher thermal conductivity;
  • Regarding the HARDNESS: each type of thermal conductivity product is available in three basic versions: conventional hardness, softer, and ultra-soft according to Shore OO hardness;
  • Regarding the material substrate, we can also provide customers with silicone and non-silicon based thermal pad products.
  • Regarding the THICKNESS--

a. K≤1.5W/mk, the thinnest thickness is 0.07mm
b. K between 1.5~3.5W/mk, the thinnest thickness is 0.15mm
c. K between 4~6W/mk, the thinnest thickness is 0.25mm
d. K≥7W/mk, the thinnest thickness is 0.30mm
e. If the pad is laminated with insulated cloth, PI film or other laminated film, or with single/double-sided adhesive, the thinnest thickness is 0.50mm

  • Regarding the Thickness Tolerance: for THK ≥5mm, it is ±0.5mm; for THK ≤0.3mm, it is ±0.03mm; the rest are ±10%.


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