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Goodbon Tech manufacturers high quality EMI shielding, thermal interface and microwave absorbing materials. These fundamental and critical materials ensure EV market electronic modules' safety and functionality


Active safety has been incorporated into automotive design in today’s automotive market. Safety modules prevent accidents in many scenarios. Goodbon’s EMI, thermal and absorber materials have been designed into many global OEM manufacturer platforms.

Engine Control & Body Electronics:

Automotive engine management and body electronics and electrical systems has been increased significantly in the past few years. EMI and thermal materials helps maintaining functionality of these modules and systems.

Power Conversion:

To reduce the carbon footprint, global automotive market is shifting from combustion vehicle (CV) to electric vehicle (EV). Battery power conversion, storage and management systems are essential to move the vehicle. The demand of EMI, thermal and associated materials

Infotainment & User Experience:

For the past decade, the development of automotive in-car user including driver and passenger experience creates huge demand for digital and electronic devices. EMI and thermal materials plays an indispensable role in electronic designs to facilitate vision, hearing, monitoring and touching experiences.

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